The collection is built on the Gabs characteristics of versatility and transformation making each and every item a proper passe-partout.

From the metropolitan point of view, the Gabs handbags and backpacks can be worn on all the occasions of the day. This is where Diva and Dina make their debut in the collection which are part of the BASIC and BLACK lines. These backpacks have a contemporary mood and some, as in the model Dina, are uniquely reversible. In fact, Dina can easily be transformed from a one-color round-shaped backpack to a more informal accessory for all occasions with an optical print.

The geometrical designs and the capacity to transform together with tendency nuances are also the leitmotiv of models such as Thelma and Greta. Thelma, with has horizontal vase shape comes in three sizes which transforms into a trapezoid by closing the sides. Greta, which is a more experimental model, can be transfromed from a Tote to a backpack using the removable handles.

Included are also models with a more urban mood such as Norma, Lisa, Edda, Maya, Betty, Mica and Esther.
Glam and modernity encapsulate all the features of the GABS DNA which are versatility and transformation.
Norma, a medium sized handbag can be worn as a shoulder bag or a bandolier with a bellow to create depth.

Lisa, the bowler bag can be used as a shoulder bag thanks to an additional shoulder strap.

Edda, is a bucket bag that can be transformed into a backpack by using of a hook on the back part of the bag or as a shopping bag with handles. A small drawstring bag, which can be used separately, is included.

Maya, is a sharp-angled satchel with an eccentric zebra pattern. 

Not to miss the camo print Betty, a shopping bag which can be worn as vase shaped bag or transformed into a trapezoid shape.

Mica, an egg shaped bowler bag, is reversible. The use of different colored buttons and decorative plates on the outside and on the inside of the bag make it possible to completely change the look of the handbag by just reversing it.

Another bowler bag is Esther, which has the same reversible characteristics of Mica but has a horizontal shape.

And finally, Malika, is a sharp-angled tote bag that comes in a shocking pink color with contrasting fluorescent yellow sides attached together by means of rivets. A detachable purse/clutch is included inside.

Gabs reproposes the spirit dedicated to moving and traveling with the Trip and Travel Line.
Within the Trip Line debut Betty which can be used as a vase shape bag or as a trapezoid bag and Wanda, a horizontal shopping bag with bucolic prints characterized by long handles that easily transforms it into a shoulder bag.

The G-Trip trolley is a must of the Gabs collection. It can be matched/coordinated with lycra?? Cover and furtherly matched with a G3 handbag with the same print.

For dynamic women with the need of a verstile accessory during the day, Gabs proposes the JOB LINE, which thanks to its padded pockets allows to carry a laptop. The various compartments allows one to better organize daily events.
Internally, this handbag has a skyblue lining and three compartments. The cardholders in fuchsia, yellow and orange give a touch of colour and personality to the most formal looks.

Optical prints and careful attention to sustainability characterize the G-shade Line made with polyurethane (a more ecological and higher quality material than the traditional PVC).
The micro and maxi fun and colorful optical patterns are created with a fading effect. In addition to the classical shopping bag this line includes also a waist bag and other flat bags that can transform into shopping bags by using the buttons and removable bottom.

Dedicated to dynamic and metropolitan women, the G-Urban line is composed of versatile and changeable accessories such as the three-in-one shoulder bag which transform from a bandolier, to a shoulder bag to a backpack in addition to changing from flat bag to a bag with a bottom.

The most fanciful and captiviating line is the Gabs Loves Animals which proposes two models: one shopping and a shoulder bag with prints of zebras and cute dogs. The buttons symbolize the identity of the style and also become the eyes of the animalas.

The Gasbò line is characterized by the upside down fluorescent orange Y on the sides of the bags. Aside from the shoulder bag Corinna, this line is furtherly enriched with the model Barbie, which thanks to the buttons on the bottom of the bag can change into a perfectly flat shoulder bag.

The collection closes with the Airgabs which consist of a series of delightful proposals in miscellaeous materials and soft rounded silhouettes. This line includes backpacks, shoppers and shoulder bags. It expresses a much younger and fashionable spirit of the collection capable of creating a unique and distinctive look.