Have you ever read Gabs backwards? Gabs is everything and the opposite of everything!
In a nutshell? Transformation and fun. A breath of fresh air, a loud laugh, is rupture and change, amazement and paradox.
Today Gabs represents the Made in Italy for creativity, innovation and high quality, it revolutionizes the world of leather goods with the first bag able to live in more shapes, sizes and uses.
This, thanks to a mechanism as simple as ingenious, a turquoise button.

To be part of the world Gabs the first rule is: never take yourself too seriously!
Irreverent prints, bright colors and surprising transformations are Gabs' precious allies for fun and surprise.
Gabs transforms and changes shape to amuse and surprise and his whole world revolves around this concept: turquoise buttons are the key to reinvent each model with a few simple gestures, creating new shapes and new volumes.
Each Gabs transformation is patented and carefully studied by an internal team of designers who analyze and design the product with the utmost attention and great attention to detail.

Franco Gabbrielli

Gabs was born in Florence in 2000 from an idea of Franco Gabbrielli.
His father, Vittorio Gabbrielli, had founded in the seventies a leather goods company with the brand "Beghé". After having breathed the scent of leather in his family for many years and having acquired the technical knowledge of the old tradition, Franco, son of art, decided to bet on a new great project: selling an idea dressed as a bag, where the container is transformed according to the needs of the consumer.
The idea is very much appreciated and customers, attracted by the materials, colours and shapes so simple and functional, welcome this new proposal with great enthusiasm.
More and more requests are coming in and, to cover the continuous requests, in 2005 Franco Gabbrielli, after a fortuitous meeting with stylists and entrepreneurs Marco Campomaggi and Caterina Lucchi, started a collaboration project with them within the Emergenti Italiani Group.
Today Gabs is a reference brand in Italian leather goods, which goes beyond all conventional schemes and has always been synonymous with colour, versatility and innovation.