Gabs Franco Gabbrielli

Gabs Franco Gabbrielli represents the best Italian quality, creativity and unconventional experimentation.

A real project built around the concept of transformation and where originality and authenticity go along with surprise and color.

The transformation starts with the name: only by switching two letters, the word BAGS becomes Gabs. It is very easy to transform each bag into a new object: the light blue branded button and shoulder strap, distinctive hallmarks of the brand, enhance Gabs Franco Gabbrielli's spirit of beauty and fun teamed with unconventionality.

Colour, surprise and fun for versatile, functional and original bags!

Franco Gabbrielli

Gabs Franco Gabbrielli was founded in 2000 by the homonym designer in Florence. The family tradition and experience within the leather goods industry dates back to the 70s, when Vittorio Gabbrielli, Franco's father, started the business with the high-end brand named Beghè.

After many years, learning and developing bags in the traditional way, Franco decided to take on a challenge of a new major project: to work on “a new concept of bag” where the bag can be transformed, according to the consumer needs. The idea became a sensation from the very start, and the clients, attracted by the materials, colours, shapes and functionality, appreciated the new proposal with great enthusiasm.

The demand from clients increased continuously. In order to respond to the growing sales for Gabs Franco Gabbrielli, in 2005 the designer started a partnership and collaboration with the manufacturers and designers ‘Campomaggi & Caterina Lucchi’, which gave life to Gruppo Emergenti Italiani.

Today Gabs Franco Gabbrielli is a brand of note in the Italian leather industry. An unconventional project that has always been synonym with colour, transformation and innovation.

The Ingredients

Surprise and fun

Gabs Franco Gabbrielli transforms and changes shape to amuse and surprise: it is a game which always creates wonder, unavoidably catching a smile and cancelling boredom and conformism. Each Gabs bag is a surprise… a unique object which evolves itself, from flat tote to bucket-style, to a boxy shape. In a flash you get several different bags from the original, thanks to the light blue branded press stud buttons. Every Gabs Franco Gabbrielli bag proudly displays these blue buttons as the hallmark of their prestige and authenticity.

Made in Italy with love

Each bag Gabs Franco Gabbrielli is designed, created and produced with loving care in Italy. The high quality leather, with technical and innovative materials, are also sourced in Italy, to create bags that amaze every time for their quality, uniqueness and sophistication in design and form. Each Gabs Franco Gabbrielli product encompasses all the best of traditional Italian leather goods: quality of materials, elegant styling, functional design and durability. Seasoned with love and pure Italian creativity, to offer women around the world glamour, fun and practicality.

Colour and Fantasy

The Gabs Franco Gabbrielli world is a continuous explosion of colour and fantasy, combined with joy, creative genius and the simplicity of each model. Over 6,000 different colours and materials to offer to all women of the world exactly what they are looking for: a bag that reflects and accompanies them at all differing times of the day.

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